Environmental Services Training

environmental services training

Itech - a subsidiary of STRONE - offers environmental services training to clients in Ontario and throughout Canada. Training can be provided at our facilities in Brantford, Oakville, or at our clients' location.

Itech's Environmental Services Training includes:

Spill Response Training (Basic Spill Response)
i. This is a 4-8 hour course that teaches our customers how to deal with a spill at their facility
ii. It outlines the regulatory requirements as well as health and safety when dealing with a release
iii. The course is fully customized to their facility and their chemicals.

Hazardous Materials
i. Technician (40 hrs)
ii. Operations (36 hrs)
iii. Awareness (8 hrs)

Confined Space
i. Awareness (4 hrs)
ii. Entry (8 hrs)
iii. Rescue (8 hrs)

Customized Chemical Handling and Emergency Response
i. Course written by Itech trainers for use by clients to deal with their unique chemicals and handling of them

Emergency Planning / Table Top Scenarios
i. Testing of a site's emergency response plan
ii. Development of customized emergency response plans

Waste Regulations (Regulation 347 - Ontario)

Personal Protective Equipment

Meters and Monitors

For more information on Itech's Environmental Services' training, please call 1-877-324-4402.

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