Confined Space Rescue Team Saves Cat from Mt. Pleasant Well

Posted by Rob Symons

Posted: April 18, 2017

Confined Space Cat Rescue

On Monday, April 10th, Itech Office Administrator, Diane Smith, took a rather unique call. The caller was in search of a company that could deliver confined space entry and rescue services.

This is a service Itech is certainly more than capable of providing, but it is usually in a standby capacity, to ensure safe entry and rescue if necessary. However, this job was for a rescue, the rescue of a cat trapped in a well. Being a compassionate bunch, plans quickly kicked in to save the poor tabby from a 30 ft deep well in Mt Pleasant, just south of Brantford. Chris Andrews led the way in liaising with the neighbour, homeowner, and Brant SPCA. Due to the unusual nature of this job, Itech stepped up and offered services free of charge.


Chris was able to borrow Itech technician, Jamie Duncan, from an abatement job site and he would play the role of hero in this rescue, safely entering the 24" wide well to corral this terrified kitty. After establishing a plan, setting up equipment, and testing air quality, Jamie was lowered into the well by Chris, along with Rob Symons. The terrified tabby was able to hide in a small dug out area at the bottom of the well, then to Jamie's surprise, appeared above him...then on top of him via a hole in the wall. After a brief struggle, Jamie was able to get a grip on the kitty with elbow length bite proof gloves provided by SPCA staff. The first attempt to place the feline into an equipment bag failed, but the next attempt, this time with a cat carrier, worked well thanks to Jamie's persistence.

Moments later, both the cat and Jamie were safely brought back to the surface. Our scared kitty was quickly tended to by SPCA staff, while Jamie caught his breath.


Special thanks to Chris Andrews for his planning and safe practice throughout the rescue. Thanks to Jamie Duncan for bravely rescuing the tabby. While it looked like an innocent cat when brought to the surface, the sounds it made in the well resembled that of a rabid wolverine. Thanks also to the Brant SPCA for the care provided and for neighbours, homeowner, and family for their persistence in reaching out to make sure the kitty escaped the well.


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