Disposal Bin Rental


Itech Environmental Services has a stock of 20 and 40 cubic yard bins to accommodate disposal bin rental needs for residential and commercial cleanups. Our bins are perfect for larger scale waste from bulk cleanups, renovations, roofing replacements, landscaping, and driveway tear ups.

What we haul in our disposal bin rentals

Non-hazardous waste items include:

  • Residential, industrial, and commercial garbage
  • Non-hazardous wast soil
  • Yard waste and bush
  • Gravel
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Construction waste
  • Shingles

Weekly Disposal Bin Rental Cost

Region Pricing
City of Brantford $120
Brant County $145
Outside of Brantford and Brant County Starting at $170
    NOTE: All of our Itech Environmental trucks are licensed to haul hydrocarbon impacted soils and waste in the Province of Ontario. Itech is also licensed to transport asbestos to authorized disposal facilities. For more information, please contact Len Garinger at leng@itechenvironmental.ca

    Tipping Fee for City of Brantford

    Waste Material Pricing
    Residential, Industrial and Commercial Garbage $78.00 / tonne
    Brush $75.00 / tonne
    Registerable non-hazardous waste soil $35.00 / tonne
    Mixed Clearing Waste (sod/grass and soil) $35.00 / tonne
    Concrete, Ashphalt and Brick Rubble $23.00 / tonne
    Banned mixed waste products: corrugated cardboard, recyclable wood, recyclable metal $160.00 / tonne

      Tipping Fee for Brant County

      Waste Material Pricing
      Residential, Industrial and Commercial Garbage $102.00 / tonne
      Rubble pre-sorted and segregated (concrete (no rebar or reinforcing steel), brick, concrete block, tile, masonry pipe, asphalt, uncontaminated soils, etc.) $15.00 / tonne
      Concrete with rebar $29.00 / tonne
      Brush, tree stumps, and yard waste (NO GRASS CLIPPINGS) $107.00 / tonne

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